The "Space" For Me

There are always one,
How we solve & face it,
is a matter of fact how much we want this thing to continue,
want a both side happy ending or just selfishly thinking of him or herself....
But this depends on how u think of it, nth is definitely right and wrong, tolerance and patience not many people can achieved in a balance....
Me too, is an ordinary person with different thinking with many of u, and i do hav my limits towards things tht i despise. By sharing my thoughts, it is a release for me to keep my life in a more positive way... Welcome everyone! =)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dead or Alive

Been always coming back to blogging...
means sth is wrg...

felt emo this few days..
due to the workload..
constant pressure, constant deadline..
constant stress..
constant pushing..
i was full of stress...

toomuch to juggle..
working during the day is already hard for me..
was thinking to resign ady..

but really??

i dun wan to thk bout it..
just trying my very best each day..
trying to pls every single damn ppl..
in the office was quite tough for me..

need more guidance which most of the time i do not hav..
but this is just part of working life..
it felt even worse..
when u cant share this with someone..

like hav to constant release in order to hav energy to keep going on...

i need tht..

do i really need to get a hole in a tree as my listener??

just suddenly thought of a show..
he had no frens, he decided to talk to a tree so as to release...
thinking of it it feels so stupid..

buck up buck up~~

01 03 12

(Diana) <3


ZeroXdan said...

Hey! if you need someone to talk to, you can email me at

You sound like a friendly person :)

Take care, have a wonderful day and smile big and always :)