The "Space" For Me

There are always one,
How we solve & face it,
is a matter of fact how much we want this thing to continue,
want a both side happy ending or just selfishly thinking of him or herself....
But this depends on how u think of it, nth is definitely right and wrong, tolerance and patience not many people can achieved in a balance....
Me too, is an ordinary person with different thinking with many of u, and i do hav my limits towards things tht i despise. By sharing my thoughts, it is a release for me to keep my life in a more positive way... Welcome everyone! =)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Misses home alr

although i am not far away frm home..

but start to miss home alr..

although my home was really messy and dusty..
but it is still nice to be at home..
i can feel tht my parents is lonely..
not tht with me it makes much difference..

but is like there is a difference with just them two..
often when i sit at the car back seat...
i look at there backs..
they are alr old..
i am big enough..
to actually start taking care of them..
instead of them taking care of me..

seeing them waking up early in the morning..
doing things together..
eating breakfast..
wat also doing together...
although it is normal simple daily life..
but it is nice for them to be together..
everything doing together..

i am luckier than most of u..
i get to go back home soon..

tmr will be a brand new day?
wat is ahead??
not sure..
hav to add oil as usual..
nites guys..

(Diana) <3

long long time...

really a long time didnt update..

tmr will be the 1st day of the last sem in Uni...
wat will be waiting ahead of us??
i not sure..

but is definite stress, time and more hard work..
feeling moody thinking of all this...

long time neglected this blog...
didnt even visit anymore..
1st thing , nth to update..
2nd thing, dun hav any prob need to release..
3rd thing, not tht any happiness hav to share..

just a little update i guess...
cin cai la..


(Diana) <3